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Die Räuber sind auch schon da
Die Räuber sind auch schon da
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Beschreibung: Das Bild hat Erich Kaiser gemacht, sein Kommentar dazu (So 19.06.2005)

Dear Swift Friends,

The yearlings now are back in great numbers. So far, I caught and marked 30 individuals (not all of them yearlings, of course), but the vast majority of the birds flying around the house are unmarked. Among the yearlings were three former nestlings from the colony, one from 2003 and two from 2004 and two "special cases": one hand raised bird from Hilde Matthes, which we released last season from our balcony. This is the first proof of a hand raised swift that made it to Africa and back.

The second surprise you can see on the attached Photo. This bird probably had a wound (naked spot on the breast), and maybe this caused the albinism of the surrounding feathers?

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